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January 2, 2019

On YouTube  

These are my 19 all time favorite youtube recipes channels (19, I know....I love food, ok?! #sorrynotsorry). I've tried multiple recipes from all of these and they all came absolutely perfect! I trust these recipes 100%, knowing that they will always be a success: 


1) Pick Up Limes 

Probably my favorite channel (and Instagram account) of them all when it comes to presenting the food. Such a professional and the photos are high quality. Her lunch box series are my favorite and she has a ton of great ideas. They really help me to cook amazing lunch boxes for my boyfriend (His co-workers are always impressed #youdontcatchbeeswithvinegar) I also really like the fact that she adds nutritional informations and talks through the video about a ton of information. 




2) CherryPepper 


This is an old but a goody. I feel like all the recipes come from a loving mother that put all her love inside each recipes. Most of them are sweet and they are the best recipes I've ever made. So cosy, reconforting and simple. 





3) Deliciously Ella 


Can we take a moment to appreciate the decadence of her recipes. Also made mostly from whole plant foods, her recipes are worldwide known and appreciated...for a good reason! 

From sweet to salty, everything looks so appetizing, it's insane. She always come up with the best recipes at the perfect time and for every occasion. Trust me you will impress everyone with these meals. 

If you live in London or travel there, please go to one of her restaurants: they are as good as they are beautiful. I love the aesthetics and the cosiness of the place that you find also on her social medias (YT and IG). 



4) Nina Montage


Maybe one of the first channel I followed and probably the most beautiful editing (in my opinion). Nothing fancy, but really comforting recipes. I normally get really excited with sweet recipes but her savory ones are my favorite. 

The channel was first named CamAndNina but since they split up, the channel is only owned by her now, so the editing is a little bit different but the recipes are the same. I really like the fact that on some of the videos you can see that they [now she] only reuse[s] leftovers for the next day in another form, which is really helpful. 




5) Maddie Lymburner 


The healthiest recipes ever, she is the queen of the whole foods plant-based diet recipes and she proves, with every single one of them that eating a WFPBD can be healthy AND tasty. She is one of my favorite people on internet as well. Her lifestyle is amazing and so inspiring. She's the queen of oats and oats recipes and she's the one that made me LOVE oats. That recipe below (baked oatmeal) was the first recipe I've ever tried from her and I fell instantly in love. I've made a ton of other recipes from her since then and her granola pb&j and trail mix bars are also BOMB (you can find them on her YT channel). 

She also has two ebooks that I highly recommend you to buy. 




6) Mail0ves


Her [french] channel, as well as her blog that is really great, . She also has two/three ebooks that I really want to buy. 
I love the fact that she does not use oils in most of her recipes. She not only uses whole plant foods but a LARGE variety of them like sweet potato flour, buckwheat flour, buckwheat etc. Her recipes are always a hit, I've loved them all! They are totally me. Of course, these ingredients are more difficult to find but I think it makes the cooking/baking part way more fun. 

She totally deserves more subscribers and views on her channel and videos.




7) Liv B


That beautiful woman makes perfect tasty recipes for student or people that do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen but want delicious meals. She uses quite simple ingredients and vegan alternatives (like margarine, vegan butter, oil, simple sugar etc). Not the healthiest but hey, health is a personal choice and from time to time, it will not kill you (and definitely not animals ;) ). She makes a lot of traditional recipes, seasonal or thematic (like brownies, pizzas, snacks, movie snacks, dinners, breakfasts, easy etc). 



8) Jess Beautician 


She has the most imaginative mind in the entire world. I mean she cooks 4-5 meals per day, all different, this is CRAZY! 

The meals she prepare are on the whole foodish part and she is a HUGE inspiration for me. Her "What I eat in a day" (famous videos on youtube, I quite like them in phases...don't ask me why....I think they can be really inspiring if you do not know what to cook) are one of my favorite videos on the vegan youtube game. 


9) Hotforfood 


The QUEEN of vegan recipes. If you want to impress non-vegans, make one of her recipes. She mostly do salty recipes and when you think she can not come with a better one, she explodes everything. Her cooking skills and imagination in the kitchen are out of this world. She is, in my opinion, one of the best vegan chef out there. Her recipes are a little bit hard to follow, but they are 100% worth it, trust me! 



10) Llyod Lang 


One of the very few french youtuber that do recipes videos. She eats really similar to me: whole food plant based diet (no oil  90% of the time). She makes everything from scratch and a lot of things by herself.

Nothing fancy or what BUT really easy and tasty. 




11) Feasting on fruit


I love this channel because the recipes are mostly made from whole plant foods, without oil. Her Instagram feed is SO beautiful and I love the mini-video format that are easy to follow and quick. 




12) Mina Rome 


She is so sweet and her soothing voice is so pleasant. Her recipes are very simple, in a very good way and if you just want inspiration of simple meals, follow her. She's a huge inspiration for my recipes and her Instagram account is so soothing, calming and I love her feed and the color vibes. 




13) Friendly Beauty


French YT she shares some recipes sometimes that I love. So simple with local and organic ingredients. Her hazelnut cake is my favorite recipe from her (and probably one of my favorite cake as well). And can we take a moment for a IG feed? I mean, she's an amazing photographer, OMG! 




14) Kaltrina Mata 


She is no more active on YT (and not plant-based anymore) but the few recipes she has left on her channel are pure gems. Her muffins are my favorite muffin recipes of ALL TIME! 



15) Avantgardevegan 


This channel is for food lovers that want to watch his recipes like a show and is as equally pleasant for the eyes than for the stomach. I only made one or two recipes from him, since they are quite complex, but man they are good! This channel is a must for a "I need a meal to impress non-vegans". 



16) BOSH


I first dissevered BOSH through Instagram and their unique video format is so convenient and easy to follow. Everything looks so good and appetizing. I highly recommend to follow this account, they rock, I have nothing bad to say about this account. 




17) Veganricha 


I really enjoy this account too. Very unique recipes and tasty, full of flavors. The photos are all beautiful. 



18) WeAreSoVegan 


They don't have a LOT of recipes but the quality is here. 



19) Vegan food spot 


I mean....come on! Everything is there, I have nothing to add. Here, you will find all the best recipes you can find on many accounts. They are all gathered here for you, the bad job is already made for you, so no excuse. All the recipes are also written in the description, so it's easy to follow. 



1) France végétalienne 


Veganised traditional french recipes. A huge success. You can feel all the research behind all of them to achieve the best results. 




2) Veganwiz.fr


Very cute and cosy blog that I enjoy a lot. 

4) Finding vegan 


This blog is also great for many inspiration. You will find a lot of recipes here. 


5) Sweet potato soul 


Youtuber, blogger and instagrammer/influencer, the woman behind all of this is a ray of sunshine that comes through her recipes that are so comfortable and cosy and full of colors. I love her recipes and her very much. She makes what we call "soul food". 


6) Oh she glows 


Very famous blog inside and outside the vegan community, it's also one of my favorite blog on internet when it comes to delicious recipes. I 100% trust her. 

Her cinnamon rolls....her. cinnamon. rolls. Best. Recipe. Ever. 




7) Simple vegan blog 


Also a great blog that I recently discovered. 



8) 123 veggie 


This blog gathers a lot of different recipes from different person. The variety here is quite impressive and for all levels. 



9) 100% végétal - Marie Laforêt 


This chef makes food that are first beautiful for the eyes and do not miss on taste neither. Her blog is so beautiful and clean, I love the way she build it around different thematics (Christmas recipes, salty, sweet, apéritifs etc). Everything is in french. 



10) Les recettes de juliette 


Also a french cooker that makes the most deciduous sweet recipes. I highly recommend this rhubarb tart that is to die for. 


11) PIGUT 


An old one but a goodie. Also in french. 




12) Cooking with plants 


She has A TON of recipes from sauces to salads to baking. You want it, she has the vegan version. Also her blog is really well made since you can change the number of people you want to make the recipe for, the metrics or the number of - for example - cookies you want to have at the end. 








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