My favorite sustainable, eco-friendly & vegan brands

May 17, 2018

As I grew up, I realized more and more the impact and the power we have on the planet. Everything we do, say, wear, bu...etc has an impact (positive or negative).

The more I grow up, the more I become sensitive to the impact I have on the animals [of course], but also on this amazing planet and the people that live on it.
I want to do and cause the least harm as possible.

Because it makes me feel good.

To be honest, sometimes, I feel a little bit overwhelmed as I see this world and as I am so afraid, sad and frustrated of how little we do to make this world a better place and as so few people care about the environment. But I keep going and I say to myself that I'm doing the best I can, that I do my part and that nobody is perfect (even if it is not an argument to do nothing, don't get me wrong). 


I want to learn, I want to know what is good, what is bad, why, how..., who made my clothes, what is in that product...etc.
As I dive more and more into the zero waste and minimalist lifestyle, I discovered very cool brands that are engaged to make this world a better place. 

I share here my favorite brands #notsponsored. All of them use ethical manufacturing, sustainable materials, are vegan, as much cruelty free as possible and organic. 




*Girlfriend collection 

I didn't know, but the fashion industry is not only very polluting but also very unsustainable and cruel to the animals and also the people that work for them. 

Sportswear is no exception. This brand is ethical manufacturing and use/reuse sustainable materials. 



Very well-known brand, worn by famous vegans, this brand is based in Bali. 



"Sustainable lingerie, loungewear & swimwear 🌱Organic, recycled & ecofriendly fabrics ✋🏼Fair production." 



Also well-known brand. I've never bought anything from that brand but I've heard a lot of good reviews. It is just a little bit on the expensive side. But you know, "expensive" really depends on your priorities and perspective. 

*Dans ma culotte

Menstrual cups, reusable organic pads with a great design and tampons 🌿. Made in France. I plan to buy some from them. 




I discovered this brand from Kristen (@KristenLeo on YT and Instagram) and fell in love with theirs pants. They do other clothes like tops etc, but the pants are so original. They remind me of "sarouel" from Thailand. They seem really comparable and quite stylish to where them everyday. 



10% to animal sanctuaries and NGOs ♻️ Organic, Fairtrade. Made in Switzerland. I own two tops from them and love them so much. Their t-shirts are soon soft it's insane. This company is own by beautiful and very kind people. 

*Boli + Chip 

100% Organic Cotton - Fair Trade - Water based ink. I need that t-shirt (The script means "") in my life. 


*Indigoluna Yogaswim

 Conscious Yoga & Swimwear | Bamboo Tops & Tees 100% Plant Dyed🌱 | Recycled Nylon Leggings & Swimwear♻️. 

As a yogi, I think this is my favorite brand of yoga pants of all time. Their design is unbelievably beautiful and when it comes to ethics, you cannot get better than this. 



*Plantedfaced clothing

100% plant-based, ethical, eco-friendly, cruelty-free streetwear apparel brand. Again, I need one of their t-shirts in my life. Their prints are so cool! 



*Lani hair 

I don't use a lot of products in my hair (and on my skin in general)  as I discovered that the less I use products, the better they feel. But I want to try these products for so long! The packaging is beautiful, I love the colors and the ingredients are so simple, yet just what I want. 



I am a HUGE fan of nail polish. BUT, I know it is really bad for nails and the environnement. I have found many cruelty free and vegan nail polishes but only a few of them are actually made with "not so bad" ingredients: Avril cosmetics and this Parisian brand right here that I'm gonna buy when I will be in Paris at the end of june 2018. 

This nail polish is up to 84% natural ingredients.  

The Green range has been designed to be as natural as possible and the most respectful for our planet.

Ingredients of natural origin have been meticulously selected for this new formulation:

Potato, wheat, cassava, cotton

Enriched with coconut oil, moisturizing and softening

Enriched with bamboo extract, rich in silicon, revitalizing and invigorating

The 7-free formula is guaranteed without toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, xylene, formaldehyde resin and rosin.

Great start, no?!



*Zao Makeup 

Rechargeable, 100% natural ingredients and organic (Ecocert). 
I absolutely LOVE the packaging. 



Made with fruit Pigmented Makeup, this 100% pure makeup and skincare brand seems to be the best of the best. I also love the colors and the neutral tones, which are my favorite for my "everyday" makeup (when I do wear makeup, which is very flexible). 


* Minuit sur terre

Cruelty free 🐮 Ethical 🌱 Designed in France, made in Portugal 🌍 Best vegan shoes 2017 by PETA 🏆. It's actually my co-worker that made me discovered this brand. 


*Wills Vegan shoes 

My very first vegan pair of shoes comes from this brand. I received them as a gift for my birthday last summer and I love them! They are really conformable and no one can tell they are vegan. This brand is growing more and more and I am so happy for them =). 



 Recent discovery but I love the design. Their sport-chic style is very attractive and I love the fact that they are for men and women. 



You can probably tell by now but : I am a shoe addict. And these shoes are the coolest, most simple and most environmental friendly shoes ever, I am in love with them. These handmade original recycled rope sandals seem to be the perfect summer shoes. And I'm gonna buy one (or two....) pair of them for this summer for sure! 





This is, hands down, my favorite brand of bags. The pieces are soon beautiful, I want them all. I'm not a handbag person, I'm more a backpack team, but I will happily wear these strap and handbags every single day. 





 Ethical and Vegan bags made in EU with ecological materials, this chained handbag is so beautiful! I love the details in the front and the chains. 



As a firm believer in eco sustainable materials, the owner of this brand (that I met last year as I worked next to her. She is the sweetest) choose to work with high quality non-leather fabrics that have the added bonus of being light.
She added her passion for handcrafting and she worked hard on creating an add-a-bag system that’s versatile enough to take you from day to night or from an airport straight to a meeting.

I was so amazed by how many possibilities to wear this bag (below) and many others: as a backpack, on your bike, cross body bag, handbag, clutch...etc. I've never seen something like that in any other brands and that is one of the reasons I love this brand, especially this bag so much. 



 French brand ♻️ Ecofriendly 🐇 PETA Approved Vegan. This bag is perfect for the spring - winter season. 

The eco-nappa vegan they use comes from the region of Milan.


It is a much more environmentally friendly material than traditional leather. 

For the interior of their bags they opted for a fabric made from recycled material.

The clasps were custom-designed by a French family-owned company which, for 3 generations, has been creating, developing and producing accessories for the leading brands of leather goods and ready-to-wear clothing.

They are also working with a Thai factory that has been around since 1972. Ethics, innovation and the well-being of employees are at the center of their concerns.

Plus, they are donating some of their profits to animal welfare associations.



Before you jump on me, I know, schmidt's is not a 100% eco-friendly brand since some of their products are wrapped in plastic. BUT, you can see on the pic that the top left product is a deodorant in glass, so you can still order/buy this one if you prefer. 


*Clémence et Vivien 

Young French brand of natural cosmetics handmade 🌿 Cold soaps & Deo-cream 🇫🇷 Made in France 🐭 100% vegan in eco-friendly and sustainable materials like glass. 


*Osea Malibu

OSEA embodies the core elements of wellness: Ocean. Sun. Earth. Atmosphere...with the intention of creating a natural skincare line free of toxic, synthetic ingredients. OSEA delivers proven results without causing harm to our health or the health of our environment. Jenefer’s innovative formulations of certified organic, bioavailable seaweed, infused with pure steam-distilled and cold pressed essential oils create powerful natural anti-aging solutions and reduce the appearance of blemishes–eliminating the need for synthetic ingredients entirely. OSEA is free of synthetic chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals, and sulfates.


In 2002, OSEA was the first company to sign “Compact for Safe Cosmetics”, an initiative started by the Environmental Working Group that holds companies accountable for ensuring that their products are “free of chemicals that are known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects.” Since then, over 1,000 companies have joined OSEA in pledging to phase out the use of toxic chemicals in all beauty products!


OSEA products are not only natural, effective and cruelty-free, but also free from animal-derived ingredients such as lanolin, beeswax, carmine and more. We believe that animal rights matter! Vegan skincare is also the most eco-friendly!  All of their plant-derived ingredients are sustainably grown and our bioavailable seaweed is eco-responsibly and hand-harvested from the pristine waters of Patagonia.

Many companies pollute the ocean by venturing out on diesel-powered ships to harvest seaweed using invasive methods that damage marine life and the ocean floor. OSEA’s seaweed is eco-responsibly hand-foraged as it naturally makes its way into the shallow waters of the pristine Patagonian shore.



Fairtrade, organic, 100% free health care for their employees and their families.

The company builds relationships with organic farmers and producers to create equitable supply chains. Fair prices for farmers, living wages and excellent working conditions for workers, investment in communities, respect for land and people!


Their relationships with our organic suppliers is direct, local, personal, sustainable, tangible, and verifiable. It’s a way for customers to know that the products they’re purchasing will have a real and positive impact on the people and communities who make them. For them it’s a continuation of Emanuel Bronner’s legacy. 


Regenerative organic farming projects—soil enrichment and tree-planting programs—100% post-consumer recycled packaging—aggressive waste and water-use reduction—yes!


Healthy soil = healthy planet—industrial agriculture major generator of greenhouse gasses—how regenerative organic agriculture can reverse climate change!


100% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging—bottle-to-bottle recycling—local recycling reduces bottles shipped overseas = fewer greenhouse gas emissions!


Solar panels, 100% post-consumer recycled corrugate, water/materials recycling—bringing down our waste-water-energy use—going for one dumpster a month—on our way to near-zero-waste!



*Brush Naked

Simple yet effective. You brush your teeth every day (right?). Not even necessary to mention that it’s way better for the environment than plastic ones. 



Home stuff 


 Who thought bed sheets could not be ethical and non-sustainable?These  are bamboo sheets. Tread lighter on the planet 🍃 100% Bamboo bedding 🍃, 100% vegan. 



This brand omg: 

Clean business: To them, being good to the planet and the people around us is just as important as the bottom line. That’s why they’re certified by B Corp – the Fair Trade of companies.

Clean plastic: They’re waging war on single-use plastic. Encouraging everyone to reuse, refill, and recycle wherever possible. That’s why all their bottles and caps are designed to be recycled. And by 2020 they’re committed to using only recycled plastic in all their bottles.

Clean water: Their phosphate-free formula helped clean the world’s waterways. Now they’re on the case to use less water – both in their products and our manufacturing process.

Clean sourcing: They’re on the road to making their supply chain as sustainable as their ingredients. For example, they buy local when they can, and only use suppliers who share their values.

Clean ingredients: They use mostly natural plant-based ingredients because they’re renewable, biodegradable and replace dirty crude oil-based substances. Plus it makes them vegan-friendly. They’re also Leaping Bunny certified, as they never test on animals (as if).

Clean fragrances: Theye use fragrances that are as natural, simple and authentic as possible. They’re designed to smell fresh and wonderful – not overpower you with toxic chemicals.



    *Attitude living 

    Body care and household products of vegetable origin • vegan & cruelty-free • reassuring ingredients • hypoallergenic • recyclable • sustainable. Made in Canada, CO2 neutral. 




    These coconut bowls are so beautiful, it’s amazing when you think you can literally use everything from a coconut. 




    100% plastic-free, sustainable and climate-neutral. soulbottles stand for good design and a conscious handling of our most precious good: water💧




    Sustainable, eco-friendly & BPA-free. Made in Switzerland. 



    *Swell bottles 

    BPA-free, plastic-free, sustainable. And can we talk about the designs? 




    Their scented candles are veganfriendly, handcrafted in Aveyron. I am addicted to candles and I love this brand so much. I find it quite difficult to find vegan candles, but this one is perfect! 



    *Pela cases

    This engagement behind this company is incredible. Their phone cases are sustainable, BPA-free, eco-friendly and support plastic-freee oceans 🐳. 

    This team of nature-loving entrepreneurs build an eco-friendly company with clear goals:

    • Reduce the amount of plastic waste created by consumer products

    • Alleviate their dependancy on non-renewable fossil fuels and oil-based plastics 

    • Educate people about plant-based, sustainable alternatives that are both functional and beautiful

    • Build the kind of company their customers would be proud to rally behind

    "In the end, we're just human like everyone else and trying our best to preserve the planet for our children and beyond. We don't claim to be perfect in our efforts but we are always pushing ourselves to believe in better, to be better and to do better every single day. To us, that is when things begin to shift and where change is possible. Our Pela case is only the beginning.  We know it's not perfect, but it is better. » 


    *Oree Tools

    Crafted in France from the finest natural materials, the design is very modern and so beautiful. Who said you can not combine ecology, sustainability and design? 





    Wooden products making a difference by giving bamboo toothbrushes to people in need 🌱 Recyclable & biodegradable ♥️ One Purchase = One Donation. 



    Vivolife offset all of their carbon emissions to renewable energy projects around the world to support a cleaner, greener future.

    All of their packaging is BPA free and delivered in 100% recycled card boxes.



    "We take great pride in the responsibility we place upon ourselves for delivering the highest quality products possible. 

    We only put organic ingredients in our products. Why organic? Organic means free from syntheic fertilzers, hormones, antibiotics, and chemical pesitcides. That’s the way nature intended it to be but industrialization has taken us off that path. We believe realization will get us back. We are as environmentally conscious as we can be. Instead of plastic packaging we chose to use 100% recycled kraft paper bags which are also 100% reusable. We envison a more sustainable green planet and we must all do our part to materialize that dream. » Pretty good, hum?! 



    Ethical jewelry french brand, quality certified, this company strive to carefully select ethical suppliers and work towards the implementation of strict production standards so that the values we carry are respected.

    Among these, all their workers must be aged 18 or over, receive higher wages than fair trade, and work in healthy working conditions.



    Online sites & Apps

    *Good on you 

    This app is amazing and really useful: It rates ethical fashion brands by 3 options: people, planet and animals. Get the free app: Android/iOS. I use it all the time to know if this fashion brand or that brand is more or less ethical. 



    It’s been a while now that I’ve switched from google to Ecosia as a search engine for internet. 

    Again, I discovered this software trough Kristen Leo and let me tell you: knowing that you plant trees sitting on your butt and exploring and doing some research on internet is pretty rad. It takes literally less than 2 minutes to install it and it will definitely make a difference. 

    Ecosia finance tree-planting programs with 80% of their profits 🌍 Make @Ecosia your default #SearchEngine 🌱 +25,000,000 #trees planted, #OneTreeAtATime 🌳

    I mean come on! It can not be easier than this. Seriously. 




    This website provides a lot of eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan brands. I can spend hours and hours on this website, looking at all the possibilities to be more zero waste and planet-friendly. Great gifts ideas as well...;) 



    *The sourcedbulkfoods


    Of course, you can also check the wonderful website Etsy or turn yourself to more DIY alternatives (deodorant, shampoo, dishwashing liquid, liquid for washing clothes and other household products of all kinds, makeup, etc). The options I mention here are more for the "lazy ecologist" or just for curious people or any other reasons. 
    I hope you discovered some new brands. Let me know if I missed some you really like. 
    I wish you a wonderful day wherever you are. 




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