My Bucket List

April 5, 2018

This list is a [non exhaustive...of course] list of things I wand to do, see, make...etc before I die. 


1. Do humanitarian work

2. Do diving 

3. Have [at least] one child 



4. Take pole-dance courses (why not?! I think it's a really great sport to build muscle and also confidence as a woman)

5.  Travel the world (classic, but still. This planet is so beautiful not to see every part of it). 

6. See an aurora borealis 



7. Adopt/save a pet companion (dog, cat, mouse, hen...etc) 

8. Sleep in a yurt 



9. Have a vegetable garden (in construction. And use permaculture...duh!)

10. Travel alone (DONE. Loved it. Will definitely do it again, I highly recommend)

11. Sleep in a treehouse (I have dreamt of it since I am a child)



12. Celebrate New Year in another country than mine (DONE)

13. See whales 



14. Visit Versailles (This summer, this will be checked. I'm so excited and I can't wait) 



15. Pass my driving license (Also gonna be check this year)

16. Have multiple jobs (I love to do so many things. I love nutrition, literature, animals, writing. I would love to work in a museum, in a library, in an animal sanctuary, as a nutritionist. It's hard to choose). 

17. To celebrate a 100% vegan christmas 

18. Travel with my dad 

19. Take a DNA test to know my origins 

20. Have a second tattoo (and third....and....)



21. Celebrate Christmas and Halloween in the USA

22. Attempt a sport event 

23. Visit the 7 wonders of the world



24. Finish an entire cooking book (almost....!)

25. Work in/for an animal sanctuary

26. Visit Pompeii



27. Participate in a traditional and ancient ball in a castle with a dress

28. Have a star at my name

29. Take a ride in a helicopter

30. Visit Le Louvre 

31. Host a vegan dinner at my house 

32. Attempt the color run in India 



33. Own a scooter 



34. Read 12 books in a year, once a month 

35. Live in a tiny house 



36. Be a minimalist and a zero waste as much as possible

37. Go to Beyonce's concert (My all time favorite female singer and performer)



38. Visit Rome and the Colosseum 

39. Go to the gym for [at least] an entire year

40. Attempt the split in yoga 



41. Attempt VeggieWorld in LA

42. Participate in VeggieWorld Paris 

43. Eat at my favorite vegan restaurants around the world like Gracias Madre, Veggie Grill, Deliciously Ella, By Chloé, VG pâtisserie, Hank Burger, Beyond Sushi, Café Gratitude, 

44. Try the Beyond meat burger and the Impossible Burger

45. Go to Costa Rica



46. Learn to surf

47. Go to the VeganCamp

48. Attempt the plant based nutrition certificate at Ecornell New York University

49. Go to Bali, India, Morocco, Lebanon, Vietnam, South Corea and Japan. 

50. Attempt Gapxperience and work as a volunteer in Bali to teach english and work 

51. Attempt an activism vegan action  (and not just one time....but the Cube to Truth or anything else). 

52. Meet James Aspey, Gary Yoursfosky, Earthling Ed or any vegan activity that inspired me and still inspire me every day.  


And you, what are the things you want to do, eat? I'm curious to know, so write some of yours in the comments below =) 





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