The "I don't like vegan food" starter kit

March 7, 2018

You know, that excuse that vegan food is not good, blend etc. 


Apart from rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, all the vegetables and fruits and the fact that 80% of the human diet consists of plants -  so it's quite ironic - vegan food is everywhere and vegan food [can be] is tasty. But, here are a few products that are vegan and that mostly (if not everyone) like, that you can bring to a party or give them to taste, proving that vegan food is as good, if not better and that the options are endless. 

Remember, the only thing you give up by going vegan is cruelty and what was never yours. 




1) Hummus 

I had to put hummus first since this is my favorite. I mean come on, hummus is so good, so versatile, so easy to make, so easy to bring at parties. You can find hummus pretty much everywhere. My favorite is from Lidl for those who know this supermarket. 



2) Chips


Most of the chips are vegan, even the bbq ones or the "meat flavors" ones, you can be surprised. Pringles or tortilla chips? Yes please! 


3) Taifun - smoked tofu


I know what you are saying: tofu? For meat-eaters? Are you crazy? 

Wait a minute and don't speak too soon. This is not any kind of tofu. This is the best tofu ever that doesn't taste like plain tofu at all. In carbonara, tarts or even roasted in a pan like that, this tofu will please everyone. This entire brand "Taifun" is actually my favorite brand of tofu of all time. Trust me, everybody will love it. 

 This one (available in Switzerland at Coop) for those who live in Switzerland, it pretty much the same. 


4) Bread - Focaccia - Pizza dough


Do I have to say more? Yes, 90% of the breads are vegan. Sourdough and spelt are actually my favorite. Bread is a stample and goes with pretty much everything. And can we take a moment to appreciate this focaccia? 


5) Vegetable spring rolls


The Asian cuisine has a lot of vegan options. And spring rolls are so good. 


6) Gnocchi 





7)  French fries


Store bought or homemade for a healthier option, french fries made from potatoes, sweet potatoes or even carrots, zucchinis/courgettes. 


8) Cream cheese 


Cream cheese is more an american thing. BUT, these two are delicious and are wonderful on a bagel with fresh cucumber slices, dill or parsley and lemon juice or in a pasta dish. 



9) Dressing - Veganz - Sweet mustard


When I tested this one for the first time, I had a real crush. It is ideal for a Caesar salad (which you can find on my account instagram): lettuce, vegan schnitzel from Lidl, corn and this sauce (optional: vegan cheeze). DA BOMB! 

The sesame dressing is also to die for in salads or with asian meals like sushi bowl or tofu and noodles.

 10) Mock meats


Except for cheeze and mock meats from time to time, I don’t really like vegan options of non vegan products. I was raised with non sugary sweets, no ice creams, no sodas etc, so I never developed these envies. 

I used to really like cheese but since I became vegan, cheese is really repulsive for me and I eat vegan cheese only once in a while. 

Weirdly enough I was never a fan of meat (I only ate poultry and fishes before. I was raised vegetarian and cow’s milk free) and I much prefer the taste vegan meats. 

To be honest 80% of my diet consists of whole plant foods, which is my favorite option anyway. 



I discovered this brand (« Like meat ») when I went to Lidl. 

This is my favorite brand of all time and my boyfriend was blown away by the ressemblance. If you have to try and make try one product of this entire « salty » section, I would suggest this one. 



11) Cheeze


Went I went vegan, the two only things I found harder to stop was eating honey and cheese. When I became vegan, four years ago as I'm writing these lines (in 2014), they were not all these amazing cheeses brands that exist. But now...my oh my...the speed at which the vegans options have grown is incredible: vegan eggs, vegan cheeze, mock meats, mayo...everything! Plus, they taste exactly like the non-vegan version. So no excuses, once again. 

I've never tried vegans options from the USA. So, I've never tried chao cheeses, Myoko's, Daiya, etc. I have no idea if they are as good or even better than the ones below, but trust me, these are the best cheezes I've tried so far!



11) Mayo

Even the famous brand « THOMY » got the message and made this vegan mayo. This is the type of food that will make you ask this question: " why do we use animals to make our food if you can achieve the exact same taste with exploiting and killing them?"




1) Chocolate 


I don't know why but many people think vegans can't eat chocolate, when in fact, almost every dark chocolates are vegan by default and also there are a ton of vegan brands that make chocolate. You can find vegan everything: bounty, mylk chocolate, praliné, salted caramel...etc.These are a few of my fav that I'm sure will please every chocolate lover out there.

From top to bottom: 

1. Vego bar (with whole hazelnuts!). All the people I tasted said they did not feel the difference with a bar of milk chocolate. It melts and it is super soft.

2. I choc - hazelnut mylk chocolate bar. Very smooth with some crunchy pieces of hazelnuts. 

3. Veganz - Chocolate and waffle 

4. Vegolino 

5. Booja - Booja - Chocolate salted caramel truffles 

Veganz - Raspberry and corn flakes white chocolate 

  1. Rapunzel - Chocolate praline

  2. Ombar - Blueberry & açai raw chocolate 










2) Chocolate spread - Nocciolata 


This is the twin brother or sister from Notella. Except this one does not contain any palm oil or dairy (so it's like the twin you prefer...you know what I mean ;) ? ). This is exactly like Nutella. Like EXACTLY. 



  I mean, if you don't find your happiness here *mouthwatering. 


3) Livia's Kitchen - Raw Millionnaire Bites - Salted Caramel

Raw desserts and sweets are my favorite thing in the world. And I very often am to present them to non-vegan and septic, 'cause I always think they taste really "vegan", like nothing like the non-vegan version. But every time I had the courage to make raw vegan desserts, they 100% of the time where a hit and everyone loved them, how weird hum?! (and how exciting!). If you live in London or somewhere where you have the possibility to buy these raw millionaire bites, you are very lucky. I think it's better than we don't have them here, 'cause I would be really poor.  


 4) Biscuits - Cookies




Don't worry, I thought about those who don't like chocolate. And these butter biscuits are also exactly the same as the dairy ones. You can fool everybody with them. Trust me,I tried...and succeed ;)

Biscuits - Waffles 





5) Plant-based milk 


I am not the best when it comes to choose plant-based milk 'cause I like almost everyone of them. I was raised drinking plain soy milk, so I really like "blend" plant-based milks. But if you want to propose a non-dairy one to non-vegans, I would suggest to propose flavored ones like soy-vanilla or almond-vanilla or even with chocolate. Otherwise, for non-flavored ones, I would totally recommend the brand "Provamel". I am really curious : which one do you like and which would YOU think would pleased a non-vegan one? 



6) Lotus Biscoff Crunchy- Spread 


If you like cinnamony, crumbly and deliciousness, you will die for this spread. It is really dangerous. You can put this on almost everything: crepes, oatmeal, cakes, toast, porridge, overnight oats, smoothies. There is also a "smooth" version, like peanut butter. 

 7) Icecreams


Once again, I have no idea why people think you can only make ice creams with cow's milk. These are some hits that you can find here in Switzerland (Migros for the first three). 



8)  Yoghurt 


I am a g fan of yog. But one thing I found not hard at all to stop eating by going vegan is most certainly yog since the varieties of them are insane and available every where. Soy and coconut based are my fav, but you can find any type of yoga you like. Here are the ones that will, again, win unanimous support. 







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