My favorite instagram accounts

February 4, 2018

I love instagram. In fact, this is my favorite social media. I find so much inspiration, informations, kind people, great debates and comments, discoveries...etc. I think the community on here is really uplifting, supporting and more positive than negative, which I really appreciate. 


There is also a lot of various accounts: from recipes, to zero waste ideas, photography, artists, passing by inspirational and motivational quotes or fitness posts.


So here are ma favorite instagram accounts (those who also have a Youtube channel are marked with a *). Just to warn you: I follow A LOT of Instagram accounts, and these are only my favorites, like the top of the iceberg...so take your time, grab a cup of (organic and loose leaves) tea to appreciate every single of them and feel free to share yours or comment of you know one of them. 



Miley Cyrus

Love her autenthicity. She's natural and stays true to herself. I also love her engagement for veganism, but also feminism and other causes like political positions and the fact that she uses her notoriety and her platform to share positive and empowerment messages to her followers. 


Millie Bobby Brown 

I discovered her through the Stranger Things serie I binged watch on Netflix and fell in love like millions of others (I mean, who does not like ST? Come on!). Because she's so freaking cool and so freaking cute, like the little sister we all want. 


Lilly Sigh [iisuperwomanii]*

Same as Miley. She's very empowering and her personality is so uplifting and it feels good to have powerful and positive women like her on this planet. Her comedies on YT and her YT channel in general is also so funny, I laugh at each of them. 


Will Smith 

He was already one of my favorite people on this planet. He is like my spiritual father. He began instagram a few weeks ago and has already 6.9 millions followers! His advices (on instastories and on his feed) about what really matter in life, his thoughts on fear, failure, how to appreciate the present moment, how to live the life you want, how to love yourself are pure gold and super wise. His account has rapidly become one of my favorite for sure. 


Quotes - Inspiration


I randomly came across one of her videos one day I was hypnotized by the way she painted and couldn’t stop watching her videos until the end and even multiple times. I can’t get over them and I will definitely buy one of her work one day for sure (you can buy her arts on Etsy). I am a huge fan of marine animals and water painting, and the combo is  absolutely beautiful. I love to support small artists like her. She’s truly really good at what she does.


The Power Of Tantra 



This account is filled with inspirational, motivation, relaxing quotes joined with beautiful images I like to share or read and apply most of them in my daily life since I really appreciate a lot of them. 


Tiny House 

Since Hannah (aka HighCarbHannah on Youtube and instagram) documented her life moving and living in a tiny house, I definitely added that on my bucket list. Meanwhile, I console myself with all these amazing pictures of tiny houses around the world. 



Secrets 2 Success 

Pretty much similar to the Power of Tantra, this account is also filled with powerful and truthful quotes I really like to read and/or share.


Recipes - Food 

Gaz Oakley [Avantgardevegan]*


This english cooking chef is a pure genius! His notoriety expanded and exploded since the end of 2017 when he began on YT and then Instagram. If you want to share vegan food to inspire and impress people (vegan or not), I highly recommend his account. His professionalism is insane. The aesthetic of his instagram feed is mouthwatering and I highly recommend his youtube channel as well where he shares his recipes in videos. 


Hot For Food*

Lauren Toyota, the woman behind all that has so much creativity and always comes up with amazing recipes. One of the first vegan recipes I followed and one of the best, if not the best recipes I've ever made. Non-vegan friendly approved 100% of the time. I really love the way she explains and shows her recipes on YouTube too. 



Recipes in mini videos, easy to follow, that you can't fail, non-vegan approved and delicious. Everything I made from them was a great success! They recently lunched their own cookbook which I'm really excited about! They are really successful and grow quickly in the vegan community and beyond. 


So Plantbased  

Plant based nutrition coach, she shares really good informations on her account about the importance of an abondant and varied diet. Through her pictures she explains that quantity is not quality and that you should not focus on calories but rather nutrients. She answers a lot of questions like "how much fruits is too much fruits?", "how to eat vegan at restaurants?", breakfast ideas, "is sugar bad for you?",  healthy fats, what she eats in a day, health vegan snacks ideas etc. 



Accidentally Vegan Switzerland 

The name says it all. I made amazing (and very delicious and exciting) discoveries thanks to this account where you can find amazing vegan options (food, cosmetic, drinks, condoms, drugs etc) in the main shops here in Switzerland like Migros, Alnatura, Coop, Aldi, Lidl and more. Plus, I'm super happy to see that more and more options are available in Switzerland...no more excuses! We don't need to go in special places/shops to buy some super expensive and blend tofu. 



I couldn't choose one pictures of her to represent her account. I mean look at them! Mostly whole plant foods, she also has an amazing blog where you can find most of her recipes. I highly recommend her raw coconut - mango balls! I tested them last year during a gathering picnic where she made them and they were absolutely insane! 




I love everything about her. Her personality, her humour, her YouTube channel, her vlogs, her insta stories, her snapchat....everything! I never miss her posts. And like...her body is FIRE! Her insta stories are so funny. She's very inspiring to me, especially when it comes to exercice advices. Her lifestyle is really a great source of inspiration and she also is the proud owner and creator of veganeasthetic.com, that you can join. 


The Southern Yogi 

Best yoga flows ever. Her ebook "Ab asanas" (to build abs with yoga) is on my wishlist for sure! 


Zanna Vandijk *

Very energetic and hard working woman. Her instagram feed is beautiful and she's very motivating as well. I love her positivity, she seems very down-to-earth, honest, powerful, dedicated and close to her community. She is also an amazing blogger. 



Supansa Yoga 

Again, her flows are amazing. I very often watch her videos to find inspiration for mine or even make them during my pratice at the same time. 







Shona Vertue 



Really great at-home exercises, many of which I had never seen before. Very effective and I love her sport outfits. 











Jessica [jessicaolie]

Last, but not least, in this category, her account is also filled with inspiring and beautiful yoga flows and yoga poses. Her yoga outfits gives me life. She's my woman crush. 

Vegan For The Animals  

Earthling Ed*

He's one of my favorite people on this planet. Most inspiring human being ever. I have no words and I don't even know how to begin to describe this man. For me, he's the next Gary Yourofsky, Gandhi or Luther King. His intelligence has no boundaries and his arguments are IMPOSSIBLE to contradict. He's an incredible speaker, his patience is mind-blowing. His instagram account is raw and simply beautiful. The world need more people like him. I HIGHLY recommend his YouTube channel as well. His public speaking are so good, I wish I could be as good, or at least 1/10 as good as him. What he does for the antispecisiem movement is out of this world. Please, check him out, follow him, support him. 



Vegan Community

Described as the largest community of vegans all over the world, I love this account because it is a mixed of everything I look for on Instagram: inspirational quotes, funny memes, vegan brands, slogans, food, animals, everything I love! Plus, it very often has interaction with their followers by asking questions or sharing thoughts. I really like that as well. 

 Jihem Doe*

Best vegan french activist in my opinion. As good as Earthling Ed. His youtube video are my favorite of all time. Most people like to compare him to Gary Yourofksy. His way of explaining and talking to the camera and his rhetoric are out of this world. He gets better and better overtime, I'm shook every time I see his new videos. Impossible to not agree with him too. I also love his Instastories. Very simple and down to earth man, very simple in a good way.  


James Aspey*

Most loving, positive and inspiring men. I feel like he is a perfect men. He would be the perfect friend, father, brother, son...he has every quality in my opinion and knows how to speak to touch people with pure kindness and he speaks with his heart. I love this man so much. 

He's well-known speech "" available on Youtube (click here on the name)  is one of a kind and turned many people vegans. He's the pure definition of what I often response to : "Real men eat meat!". Men like him should stand up for what they believe in, regardless the critics. He speaks out for those without a voice. He does what is right and not what is convenient. He tries to make a difference in this world. He spreads love and compassion...and THAT is attractive! 
And man...he is HOT! So happy he represents the vegan movement. 



S Fisherx

The pictures in this account are beyond beautiful. Everytime I see a new post I fell in love a little bit more with this account. She knows how to capture the pure beauty of animals.




Love the content and the variety of this instagram feed. So many informations, photos, videos, tips, recipes, news about the animal condition worldwide and punching wake-up quotes. And old compagny but a good one still. 


Nic [veganforlifenz]


I am always so impressed with his posts and his responses to arguments against veganism. He nailed it every single time and I literally sometimes take notes and use his responses in my life. He’s THAT good! Some of his responses are serious, others are funny, I love that variety and different types of responses due to different sensitivities of the people. I mean, how can you response to that?



Vegan For Health


Emilio Abruso [Vert feuille]*

 Vegan french young men, traveller, living in Thailand. His story is really impressive and to salute. describing himself as a former teenager who did not care about his health and everything in general, he became aware of the importance of taking care of his body and then of others (the planet and animals), he went from nothing at all, educating himself on all aspects and subjects (meditation, fitness, testosterone, taking care of your life, the importance of organic food, the dirty dozens…etc). I learned a lot, but mostly about nutrition and the food industry.


WTH (What The Health)
Always good to remind how amazing the plant based lifestyle is and also to share some really important information about nutrition with others and to relay on scientific and medical informations to feel a little bit more legit. 

Official Mackab 

His instagram videos are so unique and so catchy I love that about him! Sine I follow him, I've learnt a LOT about all the benefits of so many fruits, vegetables and all to the plant world. I also find it very easy to remember since it's quite catchy and in a song form. 

Vegan For the Planet 


Great reminder that animal exploitation is the leading cause of many environmental issues like global warming, water waste, deforestation etc. I always relay on these types of account that are backed up with scientific facts to explain and to be more intelligible. 




Vegan Facts, Tricks and Tips



Plant based News 

My top 10 favorite instagram account, hands down. SO many informations on what happens in the world, I love that! Many great news and very uplifting to see all the changes that happen in favor of the animal and veganism in general. 



Some Vegan Facts

Vegan facts (mostly numbers, percentages...etc) about health, animal condition, the planet's condition, environment, nutrition, studies and all facts concerning animals near or far. Very useful to share and rely on facts and numbers that is sometimes hard to remind ourselves and others (vegans or not) how big the impact of veganism and specisiem have on your body, your health, the planet and last, but not least, the animals and how important is it to take actions as fast and as soon as possible and how serious it is! 



Vegan Outreach


Similar to the PETA and Vegan Cruelty free Beauty (down below)  accounts, maybe more on the positive side. 



Vegan Cruelty Free Beauty 

A mix of quotes, photos, funny pictures, cute animals, yummy vegan food  and all of that. 





Lucie [Little lucie in Paris]

I discovered her trough another account and instantly fell in love with her universe and account for no particular reasons. She has a blog : www.wearevege.com



Audra [ThisGirlAudra]*

She's the one (with VegBethany) that helps me recover from my ED and my amenoria. I love her to death and I feel forever grateful for her. I love her inspirational and encouraging quotes that resonate with me so much. Really true and natural. I read all her posts. 



Lalou [Dolce Disaster]

Another french woman, feminist and vegan activist that I like to follow for many reasons. I absolutely LOVE her insta stories where she talks about everything and anything (zero waste, sharing other accounts, veganism, tags) and I also really like her surveys she makes quite frequently. 


Henya Mania*

Ah Henya. What a girl. She is so freaking cool. She lives her life at 200%. I follow her on instagram and YouTube for a while now, almost since the beginning. Vegan for almost 10 years now, she is also in my top 10 favorite people on this planet. 



Judy [PlantbasedJudy]*

This is one of the first vegan I've followed. I've known her for a very long time and she's been around social networks for a long time. German girl, studying nutrition in London, I love her recipes and her Instagram account is beautiful.



Leslie [Les_Libre]*

She's the cutest! She's natural, simple and accessible, like she gives the impression of being like you and me, just a girl who tries the best she can and everything seems simple. Her recipes (you can find most of them on her blog) are so decadent and very simple, but yet so delicious and full of flavors. I also really like her approche of veganism and her youtube channel is full of very interesting subject. She's spreading kindness most of all and I really appreciate her calm. 



Jack Harries*

Environnemtnalist, his editing skills are amazing. I watched him grow from his channel on youtube he then shared with his twin brother Finn and then grow more and more. This handsome man is really an example to follow and he's very active in the "helping the environment" and contente creating department. He's a keeper.  He recently also went vegan (as en environmentalist...logic) and opened up a little more. I mean, does he have flaws? I'm still looking for them...



Tasha Green [tashaggreen] *


Can we talk about that beauty for a second ? Even if she can be a little more dedicated in my opinon when it comes to content on her social medias, she is still very inspiring for me as a mixed girl also. I also really enjoy her style and find some good inspiration as well. 




Fabienne [EatWellTravelTheWorld]

Good friend of mine, I never miss her instagram stories. She also travel to beautiful places like Bali, Thailand and I always want to go with her on these beautiful trips where she shares amazing food, places to eat..etc.

She also sometimes shares experiences or thoughts about gratitude, sustainable fashion, random thoughts as well or ways to make this world a better place like "plastic-free challenge" or #wepickupplastic or shares other instagram accounts. Very inspiring. 


Cloé [Green_eat]

Good friend of min too. She shares great recipes and is also very outspeaking about veganism in general whether it is for the animals, for the planet or for health, on her insta sorties which I really appreciate, I've learn a lot thanks to her. 



One of my favorite people of all time. It's been a long time since I follow her (first on her blog, then on youtube and finally instagram). She is an inspiring, committed, caring woman.She loves everything that is green, natural. I love everything about her: her style, her humor, her way of talking, presenting things, the products she uses and shares, her videos on youtube, the subject she chooses to talk about (feminism, periods, tolerance, vegan products...etc) her lifestyle....everything! I always make sure to watch her insta sorties (and youtube videos) as she shares so many great finds. 

Her insta feed is to die for! I mean, come on...that aesthetics tho....



Chloé Tesla*

 Model and vegan activist. I really like her instagram stories as she shares a lot of her daily lifestyle, the restaurants she eats between Marseille and Paris, informations about healthy foods as she doesn't eat gluten and tend to eat raw. She also shares great informations about nutrition in general. She's not afraid to speak or to express her feelings and I enjoy that. She's very active and opinionated in the vegan world, especially in Paris where things move a lot and she participates and share about all the events that happen there. 



Maddie Lymburner*

Her workouts and recipes are the best! She's very sweet as well and very helpful when it comes to veganism, especially for beginners and she gives so many tips and tricks. Very healthy lifestyle (she has a recipe ebook and eats predominately whole plant based foods) which is very inspirational and great to see. She travels the world (Hawaii, Thailand, Mexico, Los Angeles) with her boyfriend Kyle and shares her adventures on Youtube as well. 



This girl talks about spirituality, self-love personal experiences, philosophy, thrift shopping etc. She's an open soul and I feel very connected with her. Her body is the most beautiful body I've ever seen. She is so beautiful, I can't even deal. She seems so fragile, so open and yet so powerful at the same time.



Marion Seclin [Ellemady]*

THE french girl by excellence. That woman is AMAZING! So creative, so powerful words, I love her tattoos and her insta stories are always a mix of fun, interesting subjects, feminism, shameless life and I LOVE that! I'm a fan. 










Raphaelle [healthy.vegan.raphaelle]

I like to follow her because she shares really appetizing dishes that inspire me a lot and are really easy to recreate (like spinach with vegan creme, rice and vegan steak. Easy, done). She shares her groceries and tries a lot of mock meats or vegan substitutes from supermarkets and give her opinions on them. One of my favorite account (top 10 I would say). 



Mimi Ikonn*

Her daughter Alexa is the most beautiful baby girl I've ever seen in my life. She truly lives the perfect life in my opinion. Her relation ship with her husband is so beautiful and so respectful, I have a great respect for her. She travels a lot and shares beautiful pictures on her account. She also shares a lot about what she thinks, her discoveries, her way of life and I discovered and learnt a lot thanks to her. She's very calm and relaxing. 



Vegan mamas


Ellen Fisher*

Mom of two boys (and pregnant with the third when I write these lines), living on the island of Hawaï, having the best life ever she is an amazing model to show that having a plant based pregnancy and raising vegan children is totally ok and even the best diet to have happy and healthy children. She helps a lot by sharing great informations about all the benefits of a plant based diet, but also on zero waste life, pregnancy, gratitude, eco-friendly, homeschooling, educating children, gentle parenting etc. I always look after her advices and I always use her account to show how amazing a plant based diet is for children.


Raise Vegan 

This account is the extension of the magazine (also available on apple store, you can download the magazine for free). If you have not guessed it yet, I am a fan of nutrition and all that food can do good or bad to our body. It is especially important when it comes to raising vegan children in the best possible way and how to feed them the healthiest to be the best advocate and example of veganism. And this one fulfill my obsession perfectly by sharing so many information on macros, plant based sources of calcium, iron, protein…etc



Maman Vegane*

Also a mom of two (the third is also on his/her way), I love to see what she prepares for a two beautiful boys Carl and Gary. I also really appreciate her honesty and the informations she shares on her youtube channel as well about all things related with a vegan pregnancy, vegan children and education.  



Patricia Bright*

This black english woman is the queen of fashion in my opinion.
Her husband and her are a beautiful couple and their daughter is the cutest. 


Samantha Maria*

Mother of the most beautiful girl ever (with Alexa, Mimi's daughter) "Indie", I really appreciate her style and her instagram feed in general. She seems to be a very sweet woman, even if I don't agree with everything she wears, says, does and all, but that's ok. She's mixed race like me and I identify with her quite a lot to be honest. Her instagram feed is really pleasing.



Sassy Spud Shop 

That t-shirt brand is the coolest ever! And that instagram feed gives me life! I love that kind of message, which promotes veganism but on the positive side and also subconsciously or subtly. 


Suzie [HelloOctober]*

Her style is one of my favorite and she inspires me very much. I'm not a fan of her lifestyle or her personality in general but style wise, she's very very good at it in my opinion. I don't really watch her youtube videos, but her instagram feed is great for style inspiration. 


Emelie [Emitaz]*

This girl kills it! I mean come on, everything she puts on herself is beautiful. Again, not a fan of her way of living, but her style is definitely a source of inspiration. I sometimes also watch her youtube videos, but not very often. 



Jolie Janine*

Traveller, she posts beautiful pictures and I find her style quite inspiring too. I really like the aesthetics of her instagram account and her style in general.



Claire [HeyClaire]*


The sense of style of this woman is out of this world. I don't know how she does that. She's so freaking cool and I really love her taste when it comes to fashion styling as well as home design. I mean, her apartment gives me life every time I see it. 



Ethical - Sustainable 

Cruelty Free Becky*


Logical Harmony and her are my two staple when it comes to cruelty-free and vegan brands. Becky is absolutely lovely and is really active on her youtube channel as well, always discovering and talking about vegan and cruelty-free brands. She shows that being vegan and buying vegan products is not so complicated. No more excuses. 



LAIKA Magazine 

This is, by far, my favorite magazine of all time and I had to follow their instagram  account to to stay in touch and to appreciate the beautiful pictures and slogans. I actually wrote an article about that magazine (here) so much I had to say about it. 

This magazine discusses the vegan lifestyle as a whole, according to various themes that question our relationships and encourage reflection.


Always accompanied by beautiful pictures, we find everything from discoveries, stories, interviews with personalities like Kat Von D, thinkers, activists, but also food, beauty, articles that present innovations in the world of fashion with ethical and sustainable brands, art, travel destinations and all the advices, but also politics....etc a lot of more interesting topics to discover even more the richness of the vegan culture!


Indeed, this is a desire to assert and demonstrate that the vegan lifestyle is equally interesting, vibrant and abundant and can also be the subject of an entire magazine on its own, without promoting cruelty to others. A magazine where compassion and innovation are intertwine.


Also in this seventh edition are articles that discuss the importance of activism, animal liberation, space protection and compassion.

Interspersed with photos of the actress in vintage outfit that embellish the reading, we discover articles like the first interventions of activism in China, transcribed conversations of activists like Aph Ko, a poignant story about the natives of the Rainforest of the Great Bear in British Columbia who are fighting for the protection of a rare bear species threatened by pipeline construction.



Eluxe Magazine 

Another amazing magazine, engaged and promoting eco-friendly, sustainable, brands and try to make this world a better place.  Actually the world's first ever sustainable luxury mag. This magazine show that you can still be a magazine talking and showing cosmetics, models, food, like classic ones, but be more conscious on the impact on people, the planet and the animals. It shows that when you become vegan, you literally do not give up on anything.


Audrey Redac*

This woman is the mom I would have love to have if my mom didn't exist. She is the kindest person I've ever seen. She's pure love and kindness. She also helped me when it comes to living with a non-vegan partner or to be surrounded with people that doesn't understand or share your passions. She's also very sensitive to the zero waste lifestyle. She shares a lot on her insta stories as well. 


Kristen Leo*


 She is my favorite people on this planet. She is like my role model and everything I want to be in life. She's so smart, so funny, so beautiful, so inspiring. I have nothing negative to say about her. Vegan, feminist, she's the one who inspire me everyday to be more and more and to dig more and more in the ethical fashion world. 



That instagram feed aesthetic tho... so perfect! This swiss entreprise shares many great informations about sustainable fashion, cosmetics, objects, vegan recipes and venues. It's one of my favorite. 



Easy is an online sales site specialized in personal creations or vintage. The instagram feed is filled with beautiful handmade creations and I want to buy pretty much everything. 



Julie [Friendly_Beauty]*

Also on my top 10 favorite people on social media and on the planet. Her, Coline, Henya, Kristen (yes, I call them by their names, I feel like I know them and I love them so much, we are like friends) are just me in another body in another country. Can we just take a moment and appreciate her instagram feed? I never miss her videos and instagram posts neither. This woman is amazing. She always try to improving herself and to be the best version of herself, which is really inspiring. She stays honest with her community (her failures, her disagreements, her opinions), she talks and shares about periods, permaculture, sustainability, cosmetics, food but always thinking about the impact on the planet and the most local, cruelty-free organic and pure way possible. She’s my goal in life, seriously.




Great account sharing eco-friendly, sustainable products and quotes to be more conscious on the environmental impact we have on this planet that we borrow from our children and future generation. Since I became more and more conscious on the environmental impact of our consumption and the products we use in our daily lives, I tend to follow more and more account like this one to learn and educate myself on this subject and use more sustainable and eco-friendly products like straws, bags, tupperwares etc.




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