Pear - Chocolate baked oatmeal

January 26, 2018



As promised, here is the recipe for my baked oatmeal. The base is the same, you can add any fruits and make any combination that you want. I tend to use seasonal, regional and organic fruits.  


As many of my recipes, this one is not an exception: few ingredients, whole plant foods and easy. This recipe is for one person, but you can double the ingredients or even more. 


Ingredients (for 1 person): 


1. Chia seeds (1 tbsp)

2. Plant-based mylk (1/2 cup)

3. Maple Syrup (1 tbsp)

4. Oats (1/2 cup)

5. Pear (1 medium)

6. Banana (1/2 banana)

7. Almond meal (1/3 cup)

8. Hazelnut meal (1/3 cup)

9. Whole nuts (1 handful)

10. Dark chocolate (3 pieces) 

11. Raisins (1 tbsp)

12. Dried cranberries (1 tbsp) 

13. Cinnamon (as much as you want)

14. Optional: cacao nibs, hemps seeds (sprinkle on top) 


a. Preheat the oven at 180°C degrees (350°F degrees Fahrenheit)

b. First, let the chia seeds expand in the mylk for a few minutes.

c. While the chia seeds expand, place in a bowl all the following ingredients: pear (previously cut in chunks), oats, maple syrup, almond meal, hazelnut meal, cinnamon, raisins and cranberries. Mix well. 

d. Put the mylk and the chia seeds in the mixture and pour the mixture in a baking pan. 

e. Place the banana slices on top and put in the oven. 

f. Let it cook for 15-20 minutes. Keep an eye on it. When the mixture is ferm enough and the bananas are slightly brown, it's ready. 

g. Put the whole nuts and the dark chocolate pieces on top and let them melt. You can add more mylk, maple syrup or the options mentionned above.


PS: I used "Sweet Freedm Choc liquid chocolate" instead of dark chocolate in the picture below. But since I bought it in London when I went there and brought it back with me and it's not available everywhere, I proposed an alternative with dark chocolate or even nut butter. 





That's it! Enjoy! 






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