50 facts about me

January 15, 2018

What a better way to introduce myself a little bit more than to begin with this famous "tag" you can see all over internet. So, without further a due, here are 50 facts about me:  


1. I am 5'3/162 cm

2. I am a huge YouTube lover! I follow and watch A LOT of youtubers...like a lot...like more than 300, I know. This could be a blogpost by itself (let me know if you are interested)

3. I am a cancer. And I 100% match with the description

4. I've never broken a bone

5. I love making lists for everything: travel destinations, recipes to try, gifts, bucket list, names...etc

6. My favorite animals are wolves, whales, elephants and polar bears

7. I have a younger brother. He's 23 years old

8. I hate maths and I absolutely suck at it. It's my weakness

9. I took swimming, theater, horse riding and pottery classes 

10. I love english so much. I took private courses when I was little because I thought I hadn't enough courses at school and I wanted to progress faster. I also took english as a specific option at Middle and High School, but my mother tongue is french. 



11. I love to read

12. My favorite flowers are sunflowers (but to be honest I love all flowers)

13. My mom is my best friend. We are really close. I tell her everything

14. My favorite cuisine is lebanese, moroccan, indian, thaï, mexican and italian 

15. I have one tattoo on my left wrist. I plan to make more

16. I am a strong believer of The Law Of Attraction. This subject will be a blogpost on it's own too. I have so many things to say/write about it 

17. I love picnics

18. My ethnicity is a mix of Russia, Mongolia, Native north american and Caribbean

19. When I was little, I wanted to be a vet, then an archeolog and a medical examiner 

20. I love biology. Funny enough, it was the only scientific classes that I loved at school. And it was also the only one where I was not bad at it



21. I have a Bachelor of Arts in History of religions and Egyptology and Coptic & a Master in Museum Studies 

22. My favorite colors are green, blue and yellow

23. I love painting my nails 

24. Fruits are my favorite food

25. I have three name in total: Célimène, Pauline, Damienne

26. Sweets over savory anytime! 

27. I love cooking 

28. I really interested in minimalism. I'm working on it

29. I used to hate my hair (color, texture). But now, I love it 

30. My favorite desserts are lemon tart, brownies and fruit tart



31. I love nature. I feel deeply connected with it

32. I secretly wish to speak many languages. Especially, arabic, japanese and korean. I found them so beautiful

33. I am a night owl and an early bird.  

34. I love quotes. My favorites are: "less is more", "be yourself, everybody else is already taken" (Oscar Wilde), "one person's freedom ends where another's begins"

35. I love being alone

36. My father is from Martinique

37. I don't drink alcohol. I don't like the taste

38. I really like board games 

39. I am an introvert


40. I am a perfectionist

41. I was bullied in primary school and middle school

42. I used to want 5 children. I love big families. Now you ask? We will start with one and see

43. I love to learn. I want to learn all the time and I am interested in almost everything

44. My favorite season is summer

45. I love travelling. I've been to many places and I want to go to many more

46. I practice yoga, pilates and aerobic 6 times a week. I also cycle and walk a lot. These two way of transportation are my favorite ones. As you can tell, I am pretty active. 

47. My favorite subjects at school were french, english, italian, biology and arts. Even if I love science, I am really bad at it and it's really hard for me to understand

48. My favorite movies are "Pirates of the Caribbean", "The Mummy (1999)", "The Lion King", "Harry Potter" and "Eragon"

49. I love to walk and go for walks

50. I am vegan



That's it! I hope you enjoyed and learnt a little more about me. Feel free to also share some facts about you or ask any questions. 
I wish you a great day! Be nice, love yourself, the planet and others.  





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